Vag Audi Seat

Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda

Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda

Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda    Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda
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Allen hex torx key sets. Parking Sensor Tool Kit CDP vehicle vw audi seat skoda vag Skoda 18mm - 18.4mm. To install and replace the parking sensor brackets on the plastic bumper content includes punches for screw holes: 18.2 mm, 18.4 mm, 26 mm 12 aid the attachment for securing the carrier during pdc gluing 2 x punches centering drill 1 x 10.2 mm to pierce the plastic during the repair of an accident during the mounting of new front bumper or rear, unless parking sensors are standard throughout the range, the new CDP holes (park distance control) should always be cut and new pdc sensors installed in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

Power-tec has recently introduced two kits that will allow the repairman quickly cut professionally and properly sized holes in the panels of plastic bumper and fix the new parking sensors in place. Both kits include drills, centering fins for aligning pdc supports a drill for hss 10.2 mm pilot hole and mounting clips (used to maintain the brackets in position pdc for stapling or hot plastic welding, or while the adhesive cures).

After drilling the pilot hole, the punch is easily assembled and rotated with a wrench or socket 17 mm for quickly piercing the plastic bumper panel. The resulting hole is sharp and clear and does not damage the surrounding paint. The parking sensor kit suitable for vag vehicles and includes punches of 18.2 mm and 26 mm, a centering drift of 17.8 mm, a centering drift of 18.2 mm, and four mounting clips. The biggest 92471 parking sensor kit is more comprehensive and includes three punches (18.2 mm, 18.4 mm and 26 mm); a centering drift of 17.8 mm, a 18.2 mm centering drift; three more sets of four mounting clips (18.0 mm, 18.2 mm and 18.4 mm), anodized in color for easy size identification. Another essential tool for professional body and available now.

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Pdc Einparkhilfe werkzeug-set für 18mm - 18.4mm - vag vw audi seat skoda. Pdc Parking sensor tool kit for 18mm - 18.4mm - vag vw audi seat skoda vehicles. To & dollar; 452.41. C & dollar; 421.64.

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    Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda    Pdc Parking Sensor Tool Kit For 18mm 18.4mm Vag Vw Audi Seat Skoda